Superman Sculpt

I started doing this sculpt of Superman in my downtime here at work. I really get sick of seeing everyone portray him as ultra muscular. I don’t think that an alien from a different world would necessarily have muscles like the hulk, I think he would probably be more lean, with greater strength than the rest of us.

I really thought Christopher Reeve was the best build for Superman – kinda muscular but not over the top. With his face, i tried to take elements from a few of the guys that have played him over the years, including some inspiration from Henry Cavill. I really hate Zak Snyder so I don’t know how much I will like the movie, but at least Henry fits the part physically (even if the new suit looks lame)

Lost Planet Animatic

This is the animatic for a lost planet trailer i produced at Brainzoo back in 07. We had to redo some of the shots so i re-boarded the last half of the trailer, added the new shots and re-timed the whole thing to temp VO so that the CG guys knew how long each shot needed to be. We pretty much stuck to my new boards all the way through production and the actual trailer is very very close. I think we added two shots.

Lord of The Rings Pitch Animatic

So this is an animatic that I wrote, arted, edited and cut the sound for back in my Brainzoo days. We had just come off the heels of our Lost Planet Trailer and the opportunity came up to pitch a LOTR trailer for the MMO. I really wanted the gig because I’m such a nerd, so i took the days I had off and put this together. It was more for me than anything, but I like how it came out. Would have been a cool ass trailer though.

Video Works

So, I’ve done some work with Cutscenes and trailers and the like over the past few years that I can’t post in the gallery. In the interest of showing off what I’ve done, I thought I would post them here and go through what I did on each.

This trailer I Wrote, Produced and Directed for our debut of Seven Haunted Seas over at titmouse games. we did this in about a month with 5 people. I was trying to summarize the game, and get people interested in the world and our main character, Scurvy Pete Fellows at the same time. I really like this piece. It’s moody, but still fun.

Catching up with the past few years…

So the last website i had was last updated WAY WAY back in about 2007. While i update my art in the gallery quite often, there are other things I’ve worked on either professionally or personally that haven’t been getting posted.

I thought that I would get this WordPress blog up because i made one for my wife Genna a few months back and it seemed pretty badass. Well, I like it. It works and I can manage it without having to dig through all my own bad code.

What will i write about, or post? I don’t have any idea. Will anyone even read this? Who knows. I have a motorcycle trip coming up and I hope to post lots of pictures and video.

I work on a lot of personal and professional art, I can post about that.

I can rant about the games industry… wait, no. everyone does that.

I’ll try to think of something interesting.